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SOLD Beautiful authentic handmade Zuni jewelry can be found right here at Mudhead Galleries in Denver. It is not that easy to find quality Zuni jewelry. We know as we seek it out daily. Signed by Zuni artist Carmichael Haloo who created these breathtaking earrings in sterling silver. What a talented artist to create such beauty! TURQUOISE EVERYONE'S BEST COLOR! Once you see our vast selection of beautiful earrings you too will see why we love doing what we do... What do we do as a fine Native American Art Gallery? For 35 years now, we are supporting talented Native American Artists so they can continue being creative so Native Art can live on! We have 2 pair like these right now these are the slightly darker shade of the 2 sleeping beauty earrings like this that we currently have. Please be aware that sleeping beauty turquoise mine is closed and this stone soon will be no longer available. Often people are unaware of the fact that there is not an abundance of turquoise currently available,they take it for granted that they will always have access to the stone...however that is not so. Soon they will no longer have access to this stone, nor to the jewelry. This fact,no doubt in turn, force the value of this stone if you can even find sleeping beauty Turquoise, to go up in price. That is why these earrings are priced as they are. The artistry the rarity & the beauty. These measure 3 1/2"L x 1 3/8"W. Post measures 3/4"L x 1/2"W. What a great dramatic look these are! As Woody Allen once said, 80% of being successful is in part just showing up! Speaking of showing up...and being successful,wouldn't you just love to show up wearing these gorgeous earrings? These would certainly make a great statement...don't these just say...smart classy & beautiful...and by "you" wearing them "YOU" would be that girl about town for sure! If you think these wouldn't just make your outfit... "Absolutely they would"! Remember you are already beautiful...but wearing these would only add to your natural beauty! There's nothing wrong with that! Make these yours when you "Buy it Now"! Thanks for looking! * Incidentally we happen to have a matching cross that we will be listing as soon as we can...stay tuned...*
Not for Sale.