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Beautiful large multi-color inlay rainbow god or rainbow man pendant Zuni stamped sterling. Makes a nice statement with stones of mother of pearl, light and dark orange spiny oyster shell, yellow shell, green turquoise and jet. Piece measures 4"H x 4 1/2"W x 1/4"D. Weighs 88.8 grams. This could be worn in a multitude of ways. You could wear it on a silver neckwire for one look. Then you could wear it on Navajo pearls stamped non stamped graduated or non graduating really any length from 18" on to 32"L. Then we just acquired these wonderful multi strand heishi beads, long with complimentary colors shown. These heishi beads are shown here however they are not included in the price of $850. as this is for the purchase price of only the pendant. Information on Heishi necklace... Rare piece purchased from a private collection. Four strands of graduated Natural Emerald Valley Turquoise made in the 1950's by Santo Domingo artist Lupe Peina, father of Nestoria Coriz, with rare "B Shell". Piece measures 36 1/2"L, with traditional squaw wrap ends. This piece has rare light orange spiny oyster shell with coral barrel beads. Four strand heishi necklace wieghs 297.7 grams a substantial piece that needs to be enjoyed by someone, man or woman, who enjoys the beauty & history of the piece and that won't be concerned about the weight of the piece on their neck. So if you want something "light weight" this piece would not be for you...please see our other light weight items. We strive for customer satisfaction and we want you pleased with all of your purchases. The price of the 4 strand heishi beads alone are a bargain at $2100. Thanks for looking!
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Pottery Acoma Polychrome Large Storage Jar Parrot Floral Motif Shyatesa White Dove
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